Our Services

We offer a wide range of services and work with you to take your needs from conception all the way through to production and implementation.

What Makes Us Different

Our highly experienced small team makes us capable of quickly adapting to our clients specific needs. That coupled with our vast in-house prototyping, low rate initial production capabilities and North American manufacturing contacts ensures that the highest quality standards are met with industry leading fast turn-around times.

Shop Capabilities


CNC Milling, Lathe, Drill press, Tool & Die, etc.
CNC Laser & Plasma cutting

Metal welding (mig, tig, oxy acetaline, other). Plastic welding

Industrial sewing, specialty textiles fabrication

12 ton vehicle lift with two 14′ high doors

Cost effective rapid prototyping, media blasting, paint and other finishes

Studio Capabilities

Collaborative concept development between the client, the end users and our team.

Advanced CAD (surfacing, solid modelling, sheet metal, electronics enclosures, FEA)

Technical documentation; user and service manuals, data sheets, etc.

Form and function ideation

Photography and photo-realistic computer rendering

Low rate initial production in house to large scale production management

Our Capabilities are Broad. Our Services are Adaptable to Your Needs!