Antenna Mast Ground Plane

Product Description

The antenna mast ground plane provides a 42″ mast with a 30″X44″ ground plane. Thus allowing the three antennae and ground plane to clear other roof obstacles to limit the signal interruptions. The triangulated steel base provides the support as well as mounting points to the vehicle. The ground plane includes three 4 and 6 hole standard NATO antenna mounting hole pattern.  

This product can be completely customized to suit your desired antenna or vehicle. Material, colour and finishes can also be modified to meet your requirements. 

Ground Plane with Antenna Mounts

The ground plane measures 30″X44″ and includes three antenna mounts for standard NATO 4 and 6 bolt pattern antennae. 

Cable Management and Supports

The underside of the ground plane uses triangulated supports and cable tie mounts for RF cable management 

Triangulated Steel Base

The dual magnet mount can be used with the standard 4 or 6 hole NATO antenna bolt pattern.

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