Film Industry Work

Sixth Day

Props for the movie “6th Day” were developed including; helicopter interior, back-lit control panels, joysticks, and control arms.

Action Man

Action man race car built from 1:6 model. Body panels were fabricated to fit an existing race car chassis. Used in a commercial showing the car at speeds in excess of 60 mph. Full scale space suit for live actor. Modeled and fabricated from 1:6 scale model.

Roller Ball

A gas-gas chassis based motorcycle used in  Rollerball by LL Cool J. The motorcycle was built from scratch for this movie. Members of Edey FX were responsible for building this bike. A hydraulic mounting system for a Ducati Monster motorcycle used in the movie Rollerball by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos. The mount allowed the bike to flip up into a wheelie, rotate 180 degrees and lower again. Members of Edey FX were responsible for the design and fabrication of this mechanism.

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