GMC Yukon Covert ECM Integration

Product Description

The GMC Yukon XL armoured installation featured the ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) system with the RCU (Remote Controlled Unit) and EDEY FX’s CPMU (Compact Power Management Unit). All electrical and cooling components were discretely managed within the vehicle while remaining easily accessible for operation and field servicing. The antenna package featured EDEY FX’s custom magnet antenna mounts for rapid deployment.  

This project can be completely customized to suit your desired equipment or vehicle. Material, colour and finishes can also be modified to meet your requirements.

ECM and CPMU Enclosure

The ECM, CPMU, chiller and wiring were mounted within a sound dampened, carpeted aluminum enclosure. 

Antenna Mounting Package

Each magnet can be adjusted within the slots to fit in between roof ridges. 

Remote Control Covert Installation

The remote control unit and toggle switches were custom mounted within the center console to achieve the covert requirement.

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