Gutter Mount Roof Bolted Antenna Mount (RBAM)

Product Description

The gutter mount style Roof Bolted Antenna Mount (RBAM) secures to a variety of roof gutter rails such as the Toyota LC78. Each cross bar can mount up to 3 standard NATO 4 or 6 hole antennae.  

This product can be completely customized to suit your desired antennae or vehicle. Material, colour and finishes can also be modified to meet your requirements.

Double Roof Gutter Mounts

Each RBAM features two roof gutter mounts per side for added strength.  

Adjustable Length

The width of the gutter mounts can be adjusted along slots in the roof bracket to accommodate vehicle variations. 

Universal Antenna Mounting Holes

Three NATO standard 4 or 6 hole pattern antennae can be mounted to each roof bracket. 

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