Non-Magnetic EOD Spooler

Product Description

The EDEY FX Non-Magnetic Spooler is capable of rapidly spooling and unloading up to 1000ft of black & tan cable. Used around the world, the Non-Magnetic Spooler has proven to be an essential tool in the safe disarming of IED. 

This product can be completely customized, material, colour and finishes can be modified to meet your requirements. 

Frame Design

A durable, aluminum tri-point frame allows the spooler to stand upright, and be picked up by a user wearing gloves. A full plastic and non-ferrous metal construction ensured no electromagnetic interference during use.   


The tri-point frame maintains a stable stance in the vertical or horizontal position, allowing a single EOD technician to bring cable downrange. 

Hubless Bearing

The design allows for smooth spooling, a location to store the detonation box, and protection for the quick attach cable terminals.

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