Remotely Stowable Antenna Mount (RSAM)

Product Description

The Remotely Stowable Antenna Mount (RSAM) offers the ability to remotely raise or lower a variety of antennas with the use of a single or dual 12V linear actuator. A manual override allows the linear actuator to be disengaged with the pull of a pin, allowing the antenna to be raised or lowered manually before locking in position. 

This product can be completely customized to suit your desired antenna or vehicle. Material, colour and finishes can also be modified to meet your requirements. 

Remote Control

The antenna can be raised or lowered with the use of a wireless remote. Alternatively, a hard wired switch panel can be installed.

NATO Base Rotation

The RSAM mounts using an elongated NATO 4 hole pattern. This allows the stowed antenna position to be rotated to clear obstructions. 

Removable Service Cover

The protective cover can be removed by unscrewing four captive thumb screws to allow the actuators to be serviced. 

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