SCORPION ECM Vehicle Mountable Carrier

Product Description

The SCORPION vehicle carrier securely holds an Allen Vanguard SCORPION man-portable Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) system. 

This product can be completely customized to suit your desired equipment or vehicle. Material, colour and finishes can also be modified to meet your requirements.

Vertical Mount

The SCORPION ECM vehicle carrier can be mounted on a vertical wall using magnets, fasteners, or welding. 

Horizontal Mount

The SCORPION ECM vehicle carrier can be mounted on a horizontal surface using magnets, fasteners, or welding. 

Slide Rail Mount

Slide rails are used to quickly secure the SCORPION ECM to the carrier.

Top Safety Strap

A military grade nylon strap and buckle is used to contain the ECM to the carrier.

Side Safety Strap

Side strap and buckles are used as a secondary safety to contain the ECM.

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