Universal Vehicle ECM Integration Kit

Product Description

The UVIK (Universal Vehicle Integration Kit) secures an Allen Vanguard ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) system, an ALCU 1200 chiller, two PC1200 batteries, and all the necessary electronics. 

This product can be completely customized to suit your desired equipment or vehicle. Material, colour and finishes can also be modified to meet your requirements. 

ECM System

The UVIK is designed to power a variety of ECM systems such as the Allen Vanguard EQUINOX.  

ECM Removable Mounting Tray

A removable slide out tray quickly removes the ECM system for maintenance. 

ALCU 1200 Liquid to Liquid Intercooler

An ALCU 1200 ties into the vehicle’s refrigerant system to provide liquid to liquid cooling for 1200W of heat from the ECM.

Removable Battery Tray

A quick release pull out battery tray secures two PC1200 batteries. The power connection is made when the tray slides in.   

Switches and Circuit Breakers

Master switches and 120A circuit breakers control the input from alternator and the output to ECM. 

Electronics and Wiring

The cable management and electronics such as a magnet latching solenoid, terminal blocks and fuses are secured to a sub panel. 

Alternate ECM Enclosure Tray

The UVIK can be adapted to power a variety of electronics equipment. Shown to the left is the standard UVIK base with an upper tray to secure an Allen Vanguard Next Generation EQUINOX.

The removable slide out tray secures the ECM with vibration mounts. A front and rear cover protects the equipment and any necessary cable connections.  

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